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(and the tribe of queers

who fucked everything up)

a new play by Haygen-Brice Walker

directed by Elaina Di Monaco

with design by Michael Iacobucci

costumes Campbell O'Hare


Iman Aaliyah, Joe Canuso, Ashton Carter,

Abby Garber, Jenna Kuerzi, Campbell O'Hare,

Aaron Palmer, Katherine Perry & Richie Sklar

Birdie's Pit Stop was presented by ON THE ROCKS as a part of the 2016 Philadelphia Fringe Festival at The Pharmacy in South Philadelphia.



"Company Co-Founder Elaina Di Monaco directs the over-the-top story of drag wars, dive bars, and demonic possession with a fast pace and a keen eye for Walker’s saucy characterizations, biting humor, and insightful observations about outsiders."

"the actors bring youthful energy and a no-holds-barred hilarity to their exaggerated cinematic stereotypes, playing them to the hilt with a flawless ease of delivery, terrific comic timing, fully believable accents, and wildly engaging interactions..."

Deb Miller, DC Metro Theater Arts

"The production is brought to life by seriously committed comic performances from the nine-member cast, directed by Elaina Di Monaco."

Chris Munden, Phindie


Birdie's Pit Stop is the shittiest bar in the shittiest part of the shittiest town. But when a tribe of queers from the north east crash in--all hell breaks loose. Literally. A play about demonic possession, drag queens, sacrifice, stuffed deer heads, and Jennifer Lopez.

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