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a new play by Haygen Brice Walker

directed by Elaina Di Monaco

Two Millennials sit on a couch.
Two Millennials sit on a couch behind laptops.
Two Millennials sit on a couch behind laptops

while social networking.
Two Millennials sit on a couch behind laptops

while social networking and discussing politics. 

Everything will be just fine…

featuring Iman Aaliyah & Jenna Kuerzi

lighting Alyssandra Docherty



BUZZFEED, DONALD TRUMP & DEAD BLACK KIDS was presented as a part of the 2016 Philadelphia Women's Theatre Festival in Philadelphia, PA. This 15-minute piece takes place pre-election in 2016 in a small town. Two senior high school girls are best friends working on a group project together. They sit, they text, they Facebook... then they start with, "You know what I hate?" and we spiral from gross cafeteria food, unfortunate classmates and eventually, politics. It seems like hate brings these girls together– but can it also tear them apart?


"This is that rare play that says what needs to be said without any editorializing and does it in a riveting 15 minutes."

"Iman Aaliyah and Jenna Kuerzi, both in subtle, pitch-perfect performances."
– Toby Zinman, Broad Street Review
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