words & music Sarah Galante

additional arrangements Jacob Jarrett

director Elaina Di Monaco


assistant director Kirstie Floyd

stage manager Em Wanamaker

scenic design Evelyn 'Swift' Shuker

costume design LeVonne Lindsay

lighting design Angela Coleman

sound design Lucas Fendlay


Sydney Banks, Mariah Del Rio (guitar), 

Sarah Galante, Marlee Gordon, Alina John, 

Brittany Wit Martin, Amanda Jill Robinson (violin), Ariana SepúlvedaHannah Van Sciver (drums)


Hear Me War, an indie-folk musical, explores the current dysfunctional political climate as it follows a group of feminists who fear for their lives during an unstable time.  These feminists, vulnerable yet strong, come together and march on foot to Washington, D.C. to fight the arduous battle of dismantling the patriarchy.  


Hear Me War is a battle cry and stands up for all people on the never-ending push for equality.


"through the music and lyrics that the play transitions from sign slogans to stories, stories about real women, and stories that many women know too well."


"this piece says something about the collective strength of women."

– Erin McCourt, Philly Review