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Our Ouija Board;

The Games We Played;

The Shit We Conjured;

& the Dead Dude

We Hate-Fucked

presented by ON THE ROCKS

directed by Elaina Di Monaco

a new play by Haygen-Brice Walker

2019 Philadelphia Fringe Festival 

performed by Campbell O'Hare,

Seph McAndrew, Ang Bey,

Jelani Stuart, Patrick Campbell, Sydney Banks, Amanda Spivack, Josha McLucas, Jenna Kuerzi, Eduardo Delgado

lighting Sydney Norris

sound Meghan Mary Reed

visual design Julia Montante

costumes Corrie Meehan

In 2009, seven students were held hostage by their high school mascot during graduation. Their mascot, Jericho, trapped them in the school’s abandoned basement pool, pulled a gun, took their clothes, and made them each carve their names into his body– all while consulting a Ouija Board. While being cut, an artery burst, and Jericho died. 


The hostages, known as the Second Swamp Seven, were trapped for 3 days with Jericho’s dead body, until they were finally discovered and saved. In these 3 days, they experienced closeness, trauma, and more. Things got strange. 


Tonight (2019) the Second Swamp Seven have been invited to a private 10-year high school reunion hosted by Bec, who was Jericho’s “best friend” and the victim that hit his artery. Everyone thinks this will be a “normal” reunion, but then a Ouija board mysteriously appears, and the group decides to ask the board some questions, leading to an uninvited guest– Jericho is back. 

In the moment that this video starts we are in the midst of Act 2, soon after Jericho’s arrival. Jericho is back with a vengeance to remind them all exactly why he chose them, why he held them hostage, and why he wanted their names carved into his skin. Jericho is going to make them remember. 


We are transported back to the pool; a fever-dream-collage of memories that tell us exactly what happened to the Second Swamp Seven. Seven survivors are forced to reckon with their past, the truth, and why Jericho chose them.

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