Rileigh, Sydney Banks

Saph, Angela Bey

Dayton, Patrick Campbell

Javi, Eduardo Delgado

Cass, Jenna Kuerzi

Jericho, Seph McAndrew

Rush, Joshua McLucas

Bec, Campbell O'Hare

Halen, Amanda Spivack

D'Mire, Jelani Stuart



Costumes, Corrie Meehan

Lighting, Sydney Norris

Sound, Meghan Mary Reed

Scenic Installation & Props, Julia Montante

Stage Manager, Will Vence Jr.

our ouija board;

the games we played;

the shit we conjured;

& the dead dude

we hate-fucked

ouija boards | necrophilia |  yearbooks | Satan | ya fiction 

sexual perversions | kitten play | instas | finstas |  high school reunions 

dog attacks | mascots | christianity | lesbians | crocodile teeth 

passing notes road head | celebrity ghost hunters

a new play by Haygen-Brice Walker

directed by Elaina Di Monaco


It's Bec's 10 year high school reunion and she's hosting a special evening for a select few graduates, known by the town as the Second Swamp Seven. The thing is, Bec's partner Saph didn't go to high school with them, and things were a little weird back then. They haven't seen each other in ten years, and shit is about to go down? 

Why did all 7 of them miss graduation? Who is Jericho and what did he do?

What happened to the Second Swamp Seven? 

OUR OUIJA BOARD... was presented as a part of the

2019 Philadelphia Fringe Festival at Asian Arts Initiative